We provide design solutions by:

• Established Practice Guidelines and evidence-based tools, designed to support a decision-making program, support the development of a comprehensive clinic design and planning objective.

• Comprehensive interior medical clinic design and planning program development can assist the client’s project team in achieving the desired objectives.

• The collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of professional designers and planners will support the development of “evidence-based design solutions” for meeting the project needs, whatever the complexity may be.

• We understand the needed process of employing a defined and guided “dialogue” with the “stakeholders”, to interpret and crystallize the objectives, drawing on the proven knowledge of many years of medical clinic design and planning experience.

• Due diligence in identifying design solutions, with the accumulated medical clinic planning experience, has provided successful clinic projects for many clients.

TNC is a small specialist group of people who continue to provide lean, comprehensive, client oriented design solutions at reasonable costs.

TNC recognizes the ever increasing building complexity of commercial projects. Together with our business associates in Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical engineering disciplines TNC will bring the applicable expertise in building science to the project to ensure client project objectives are met in every aspect.

TNC involves medical staff, doctor planning teams, and associated health professional teams in order to enhance establishment of clear evidence based design objectives.

TNC will oversee the preparation of interior architectural and engineering drawings as project manager and ensure careful review of details in the design and planning process for both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

Client presentations are provided and executed in a 3D drawing to enhance the understanding of the final space solutions.

TNC, located in southern Ontario but serving province wide as well as nationally, has specialized in medical clinic and associated healthcare facilities as well as corporate office design for over 30 years.

TNC’s corporate beginnings originated in Ottawa in 1979 with a major focus on corporate commercial design work for major corporate clients, featuring system furniture design and planning, and large facility planning projects.

TNC was instrumental in applying corporate planning management standards, such as office staff traffic studies, patient flow needs, and patient file management flow to medical office design to achieve the best possible functionality for medical office/facility planning.

Today this work continues by providing specialist medical design consulting services, together with associated architectural and engineering services, to enhance medical clinic space design, to achieve interdisciplinary collaborations and to enhance a comprehensive patient health program service with evidence based design solutions.

The enhanced knowledge gained through medical clinic/facility design, involving the assistance of medical staff in providing clinic management and operational details, patient service model needs, and EMR implementation throughout the medical facility, provides the applicable data for today’s planning requirements.

TNC has been featured in numerous medical publications, in addition to having been invited as a speaker on medical clinic design with the OMA.