To Whom It May Concern;

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Thomas Nater for the past 2 Y, years. Mr. Nater was introduced to me through a family physician colleague that recommended his expertise be used to oversee and coordinate a collaborative project that we were working on.

After the successful completion of this physician office project, we were so pleased with his dedication, hard work and expertise that it was an easy decision to hire him as our Project Manager for the much larger and more complicated design bid Wellness Centre project. He very quickly was able to present a design concept that would have the ability to meet the visionary needs of a progressive pharmacy, busy family physicians and required auxiliary health care services. He was the lead in the design of the pharmacy and front store along with his area of expertise, the Physicians’ offices. He spent endless hours working on design, colour boards,· presentations and collaborating with 5 different physicians on our behalf. In doing so, Thomas was able to accomplish a design that satisfied the committed family physicians and through introducing efficient use of work space, allowed the clinic the potential to grow into being the home of 8 physicians.

Even more challenging, but equally successful, was his ability to work with the landlords’ construction company in a manner that kept the project on a very tight timeframe. If it was not for Mr. Nater’s guidance and ability while working with such an outside construction company, the required opening date would never have been met. During the entire project, Mr. Nater looked out for the requirements of his client, by answering any and all questions and providing detailed information and guidance. His compromises and integrity on our behalf was commendable.

Mr. Nater is highly organized, an excellent communicator and is always available to answer questions and assist accordingly. His staff/colleagues are extremely knowledgeable, educated and friendly. They are an excellent team to work with. The meetings he held were always informative and the follow up was impeccable. The minutes and note taking were returned after the meetings in a prompt and professional manner and were extremely detailed.

The Wellness Centre is absolutely breathtaking! The state of the art design and use of natural and energy efficient lighting makes it very comforting and warm for the patients, whether they are waiting in the common area waiting room or are shopping in the pharmacy for their everyday needs.

I would highly recommend Mr. Thomas Nater and his design team for future projects. It has been a great experience working with him and I am extremely thankful for his expertise and commitment.


Mark Stephens