Specializing in Medical Clinic Design, Medical Facility Planning, and Project Management


This is the process whereby the initial project information is gathered and analyzed. The existing building information is obtained and assessed together with a general review of all applicable provincial laws.

Conceptual Design

The process will provide all the necessary analysis for space design and planning details, including engineering and construction considerations, as applicable to the new selected office/clinic premises. Design planning for the establishment of budgets, for all areas of possible expenditures, is considered with a sense for achieving approvals to proceed with the next phase of technical drawing preparation.

Design & Development

During this phase, the technical drawings for the project with be prepared. These drawings will provide all the specifications for interior architectural and design planning, including engineering requirements for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, and in some cases structural design. Consideration of any other consultants, who are part of the project and who have technical information that will impact the final documentation phase such as IT/EMR needs, are acknowledged. All written and drawing specifications for interior material selection are identified for the comprehensive and detailed drawing package for building permit submission.

Construction Documentation

During this phase the drawings are issued to contractors to establish a price for awarding a construction contract. General project management & coordination efforts are provided by the “Prime Consultant” to assist the client in the receipt of bids, contract negotiations, and the preparation of contract documents.

Bidding & Negotiation

During the phase the contractors are charged with the implementation and construction of your space. The functions by the various client consultants and other services need to be coordinated in order to fulfill the established implementation schedules. It is highly suggested to develop agreed to time lines to ensure that the construction implementation stays on schedule. The management service of your “Prime Consultant” shall ensure that obligatory municipal and other related inspections, progress payments, and quality of workmanship is provided as specified.

Construction & Negotiation